Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Legendary Ring

Good morning guys. I think Wednesday is going to start being our “post raid activity” day. Last night we grinded trash again… for 2 ½ hrs…. gahhh… I haven’t killed trash as much as some of the rest of my guildies but I’m up to 3690/12000 honored. I’d say about half of my group is already in revered, and a decent amount of people on our server are exalted… just insane imo – if the ring was legendary it might be worth this extra trouble, but as it is we’ll probably be in ICC for another 10 months. The rest of the raid was boring, after the trash we one shot every boss, no one died, raids are too easy qq.

Someone mentioned last week that the ring is a nice upgrade for people who aren’t decked out in the nicest raid gear. That is true but how many people are dedicated enough to farm trash for a ring, but aren’t dedicated enough to raid and get upgrades?

On a different note, I wanted to explain the 80/20 rule a little better after a comment I received about yesterdays post. The idea of the 80/20 rule is 20% of your glyphs will make up 80% of your income from glyphs. For people who make all the glyphs by hand rather than with their add-ons, they need to focus on those 20% of the most profitable glyphs. For the rest of us who automate things, we probably play in more than just the glyph market (I do at least). We should figure out which market is the most profitable (be it JC, Inscription or whatever) and push most of our effort in that area.

Question of the day: What market (or area of your market) is most profitable?


  1. for me it was always enchanting mats. but with the new disenchant option. its kind of killed my profit.

    so now i would say it is jewelcrafting market. epic and rare gems mainly

    xoxo anaalius

  2. Ha ha, 80/20 rule... new reader looking at past posts and I saw this. I dunno if the 80/20 rule apply here because in marketing 80/20 is actually 80% of your income comes from 20% of your market, e.g. repeat customers, not the same stuff sold over and over, which is hard to do with glyphs considering they're permanent, not consumables. Maybe out of your 100 glyphs you sell you have a 20 best sellers...but thats not the 80/20 rule. lol :) love you!