Monday, December 7, 2009

Gold is Absolutely Meaningless

As I started up my glyph machine early Saturday morning, unknown to me, my grandmother was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Shortly thereafter I received a call that she didn’t have long. Suddenly making gold and selling glyphs didn’t mean anything. I don’t even recall leaving the computer but when I got back later that night Warcraft was still up and my bank toon was still at the mailbox.

It really puts things into perspective. The point of today’s blog is to make sure that your priorities are straight. Make sure you keep real life > WoW. After all, at some point your gold won’t be usable and Azeroth will be no more, but your family will be around until the day you die.

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  1. It's sad that sometimes it takes a real life trauma or near death experience to "wake" us up to what is truly important in this world - the people in our lives.

    We go about in auto-pilot mode making habits and getting caught up in the rat race, games and it can be easy to neglect people in our lives who mean everything to us.

    Balance is always the key, take some time out each month to spend with those people then get back to your fun hobbies and goals after.

    I almost lost a girlfriend because I put WoW as a higher priority than her but when I realized that I want to eventually have a family with this woman and have my children with her it made me realize that I must give her adequate attention and love balanced with my own goals so that we are both happy.

    I hope your grandma is getting better.