Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post 4.0.1 - End of Week 1

Well, it's the end of week one, and the guild bank now sits at 315,000g (i removed a little over 200g to make it a nice round number again) - not bad, 80k to 315k in one week, that's 235k profit.

I will update on the story sometime in the next week, it should be a fun post.

Looking back, I feel I did a few things wrong.
1) I over prepared - however I would much rather over prepare than under prepare.

2) My original fall back price of 159g was not high enough, I think i could have gotten away with 259g at least on the first night.

3) by day 3 I should have lowered my threshold more. It was set at 50g for way to long.

I still have LOTS of glyphs left, i think when the ink seller changes to cata inks i should be able to sell the rest off.

Anyone else have a chance to take a look at what they did wrong in the last week?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Post 4.0.1 patch - Day 4

Today's guild bank total is 281,270g 23s 35c - that is 101,270g so far this week!

been kind of a slow day, i changed my threshold to move less inventory in anticipation of people runing out of glyphs in the next day or two. Hope this pays off.

on another side note, tonight i found 2447 glyphs listed at under 25k on my server - which is the cost to make them. I could buy them all out for 39,761g... and i'm seriously thinking about it... not sure

there are only 7,000 glyphs total on my AH right now, so i would take down slightly less than half.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post 4.0.1 patch - Day 3 - PVP Sucks

So pretymuch the entire day today there were horde killing the auctioneers in all 4 major cities. made things very hard to post and hard for people to buy.

None the less the guild bank is up to 260,025g 30s 61c. that's 180,025g profit so far from this patch! w00t!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post 4.0.1 patch - Day 2

Closed today out at 221,959g 58s 52c - past the old gold cap! w00t!

that puts me at 141,959g 58s 52c for this patch.

Post 4.0.1 patch - day 1

Well, servers came up about 8pm EST. Started with 80,000g, ended with 139,162g 88s 98c for a total net profit of 59,162g 88s 98c

not bad for 5 hours of play...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patch Day Jitters

Happy 4.0.1 day everyone! Today we get to see how prepared we actually were, and how unprepared our competitors are. My main competitor told me last night (after buying out my stock of charred glyphs) that he didn’t feel he was ready and he was worried about how long crafting was going to take him after the patch 

As whitewolf said, I don’t think its possible for anyone to have over prepared for this day, if anything we under prepared. The only thing we have to worry about at this point is posting our glyphs so high that your average Joe will go to his buddy to make them for free.

Some tips for today when you log in:
1) Learn and craft the new glyphs! The first one to have these on the AH will have the most sales. 90% of the scribes probably aren’t aware they exist. I made a list of them, and you can find it here:
2) Move your fallback higher than you think you need to. Believe it or not, people will spend 300g on a glyph when there is nothing else available.
3) Post the new inscription dust that the glyph supply vendor sells for a grossly overpriced margin.
4) Triple check (you should have already double checked) that you have the correct fixes for your add-ons – if not, have fun posting everything manually!

Just to remind everyone, I am keeping track of my guild bank gold amount over in the side toolbar to the right. I started at 80k last night when I logged off. I’ve had a few people also ask me how much gold I invested in this patch… well, I spent about 85k to make my 31606 glyphs.

Feel free to post your first day profits in the comments below!

The Night Before Glyphmas

'Twas the night before Glyph-mas and at all auction houses
Competition was stirring, (those idiot louses.)
The posters were lined up in cities with care,
In the hopes that the new patch soon would be there.

The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
Not suspecting that glyphs would soon cost them hundreds.
And I, with my money (in excess of goldcap)
Had just settled in for a long Maintenence nap.

When out in Dalaran arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the Inn to see what was the matter.
Away to the portals, I flew like a flash
(Sensing wind in my nightrobe, I retied the sash.)

After rezoning and remounting my horse
I rode to the city's center of commerce.
At what, with my wondering eyes, should I stare,
But my army of bank alts, heavy laden with wares.

How could I have known, when I first lifted a quill,
It would eventually lead to this night of thrill.
More laden than pack mules, (those should be in-game)
I whistled and shouted each glyph product's name

Now Nourish!, Now Rebirth!, Now Mind Flay!, Now Smite!
From Tricks of the Trade to Beacon of Light
To the top of the Listings, beneath others' glyph walls,
Post away! Post away! Post away all!

They spoke not a word but went straight to their work,
Undercutting those other competitive jerks.
And as the first batch flew off the shelf
I pondered the dance of a cute little Belf.

And then with the next batch, my Fallback, it rose.
Those clients will now have to pay through the nose.
Secure in my placement I turned my attention
To transmuting gems, (I sense early pension!)

Though they languished for months for 2 pieces of gold,
I sense a great shift in the rate that they're sold.
As you'll hear me exclaim once the server's online
Happy Glyph-Mas to all, Pay now 199g!"

Copyright the artist known as Whitewolf on JMTC Forums