Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellow Snow Sells Glyphs!!

Well, yellow snow might not sell glyphs, but it defiantly sells beer as you can see from this youtube link

Today’s topic is advertising. You may think that advertising won’t make a difference in your sales but you’d be surprised. A little /2 spam from a bank alt WILL draw attention to the AH.

“/2 Fire sale! All glyphs in game now on AH!” or “/2 Buy one ink get one FREE! Or buy them half price on the AH”

Every time I spam the AH I noticed that things start selling almost immediately. The /2 spam does two things.

1) It reminds the M&S that he has gold in his backpack that he has to spend before he logs off
2) It reminds the lazy raider who didn’t get the right glyphs yet that he needs to do so.

Give my advice a try this week… watch how your sales come rolling in!

p.s. Guild bank already up to 57,000g!!

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