Monday, December 28, 2009

Giving Away Gold

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope even more of you have the day off work (I sure wish I did.) However on to today’s topic, Giving Away Gold.

If you read my last post, I talked about giving a gift to your farmers. I want to expand on this idea a little. If you ever hope to reach the gold cap, you need to worry about having repeat customers. Go back and read that last sentence again, it’s that important. Repeat customers will be your bread and butter on the way to the gold cap. Don’t believe me? Start tracking who buys what from your auctions. You’ll probably have several of the same M&S buying random glyphs from you, or the same people who respec every week who need the glyphs and buy them all the time.

Now to the title, Giving Away Gold… I am NOT condoning giving out your gold to bums and M&S, however I had one of my customers come up to me the other day. The glyph he needed was posted at my fallback price of 60g. He asked if I could make him a deal. I then gave him the glyph for free… yes FREE!

I know, I lost a 60g opportunity cost – but that is very short term. This guy will remember I gave him the glyph for free, and he will come back and buy more later. Now this wasn’t just some shmuck that bugged me, but I knew it was someone who was in a good guild and tanks, DPSes and PVPs. I donno if he’s bought from me before or not, but I KNOW he will buy from me again.

Business update… I made 12k over the weekend and broke past my 75k goal! On to 100k!

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