Thursday, December 24, 2009

Put Your Stuff in Haris Piltons Portable Hole

In case you don’t get the title, 3.3 introduced a new 24 slot bag that Haris Pilton sells called the portable hole. At 3000g (125g per slot) it shows how important bag space can become for some people.

If you’re in the glyph industry, you probably already have 11 Packs of Endless Pockets, which is the 32 slot inscription bag. I hear lots of people complain about the 32 slot bags not being enough storage, but it should be plenty of room for all of your glyphs. Currently in the game there slightly less than 350 glyphs (If someone feels ambitious you can go look up the exact number.) If you use 11 of the 32 slot bags, plus you backpack you have a total of 368 slots… more than enough for a full stack of every glyph.

What most people have problems with is where to put the rest of their junk. My first obvious answer is have a guild bank – but most of you already probably have one or have thought of this already. But have you ever thought of using the AH as your personal storage bin?

Typically what I do is I upload all my glyphs 4 bags (and a backpack) at a time to the AH. So at any given time my bank is empty of glyph materials. Unless you are working on a HUGE crafting session, this should produce more than enough bank space on one character to meet all your needs.

Question of the day: What is your creative way to save bag space?


  1. Oh, of course I've been doing this been doing this ever since I started playing ah tycoon.

    I don't devote permanent bag space to anything worth less than a few hundred gold per stack. if it requires a lot of management to sell (high deposits) and I can't just dump it on the ah without worrying about it most of the time, I don't trade it.

    I normally have enough stuff on the auction house that I have to fill my bags and list at least twice. If I have a big overstock of something that takes up a lot of space, I'll just post it in full stacks at a high price. Usually a couple will sell, and the rest are kept our of my hair for 48 hours. This only works for items where the deposit is zero or minuscule (enchant mats, glyphs, low level trade materials), if the deposit is more than a few silvers, I need a reasonable chance to sell the item at a decent price or listing will leak too much money.

    The mail system also works well as a bottomless bank. I send all my crap to my bank alt. And my bank alt can sit on it for up to a month if I don't have time to deal with it. Stuff that I might use for professions, I just mail to the guy that has the profession. If I don't get around to crafting with it, it comes back to my bankalt in 30 days.

  2. The mail to an alt trick is great for seasonal items, too.

    One of the tricks I used way back in the day was to buy and send tons and tons of snowballs, holiday spices, and recipes to my bank alt. I would wait 30 days, list a set amount on the AH, and send the rest back to my mailbox-bank.

    30 days later, a new supply would come back.

    That trick worked really well to keep me disciplined to have a slower trickle instead of a flood of the items. (And every now and then when things seemed to be selling real well, I would log over to the level 1-5 bank alt that sat in an inn somewhere and hit "Return" a few times.)