Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Need Your Help to Get My Wife to Play WoW!!

I am so bored with WoW right now. We are 10/12 in heroic ICC and the only fun that’s left is working on the 2 bosses we don’t have down yet. My rogue is geared up in mostly hard mode ICC stuff already…. Which leaves me to farm gold and work on the little dumb achievements.

As a side effect, I now have a decent amount of free time. I’ve purchased a treadmill to try and get in better shape.

Part of me is wanting to hit the gold cap before cata comes out… but it’s so boring any more. I can rake in 10-15k gold no problem a week… but I don’t need it for anything because all my toons have everything they need, and I have enough to last me through at least the first tier of raiding in cata, so why bother?

I am trying to get my wife to play WoW. I think it’d be fun to level another toon with her and get her into raiding. We have several couples that play in my guild and they seem to enjoy it a lot. Anyone have a good way to convince my wife to play?