Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wtf? Are We Seriously Grinding Trash?

Rep grinding… everyone hates it… well I guess I shouldn’t say everyone, I’m sure there is one idiot who likes it (the same idiot who likes to eat paste in grade school). As much as I hate it, I enjoy that it separates the lazy M&S from the rest of us. It also is designed to give rewards over time to the players.

But here’s the dealio… many people (some of my guild included) in a rush to get their 277 rings are farming trash in an effort to get it faster. Why? So they can get a lousy 19 item points on their ring. Yes I realize its best in slot for many people but it’s not like everyone won’t get it eventually. Seriously… we have like a year left in ICC. From the looks of it we have 4 months before hard modes come out too, which by that time we will most likely be exalted.

Grinding… just the thought of it makes me cringe…. That’s why I started playing the AH to avoid such painful tasks… I guess WoW is the wrong game for me if I hate grinding so much? Oh well, I’ll live.

Gold update: as of 11:30pm last night I was up to 61,000.

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  1. Yeah, people should be hitting exalted before Hard Modes if they are clearing 10-man and 25-man every week. However, that's your BIS ring, and for people not wearing 258 stuff already, even the Honored and Revered rings are major upgrades. It's not worth the time if you're a hard-mode guild that's gonna one-shot all the normal mode bosses anyhow, but if you're in a mid-tier guild that may not be getting end bosses on Normal the first week (limited chances each week, remember?), it could well be worth it. The week of January 5th, guilds are gonna see Putricide for the first time, and they get 10 attempts that week to down him. If it took you more than 5 attempts to get Deathbringer, you'll need to be as ready as you can be for Putricide.

    Also, getting to Honored or Revered unlocks some recipes for crafters. If I were an engineer, that'd be a priority for me, since the mats are dirt cheap for the bullets/arrows once you have the recipe. And if you're the first guy on your server who can make the (pretty hot) crafted legs/boots, you can make bank on tips I'd wager.