Wednesday, December 2, 2009

35,000 Gold from Buying Weed?

That’s right interwebz. I’ve passed the 35k mark from my glyph business all from buying weeds, milling, inking, glyphing and selling. Although not so much in the last week.

I promised I’d keep my personal life to a minimum on this but I’ve had a rather eventful last two weeks. I got the keys to my new home Nov 23rd and I started moving in! that with all the family thanksgiving obligations and not having internet at my new home for almost two weeks made it hard to play WoW… no WoW, no blog.

But I’m back and heading twards the gold cap.

Recent developments one of my farmers sent me an in game mail to let me know he has too much gold and won’t be farming for now. That’s it for the last two weeks though.

Start stocking up glyphs and mats for 3.3!

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