Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Gevlon is Wrong, and Right

After reading Gevlons post today, I stopped to think about why on my server his methods wouldn’t work so well.

When I first started down my glyph making adventures, I figured out exactly what Gevlon was doing and followed it to the T. I noticed I made a TON of gold during the first 2-6 hours… and during the remaining 40-42 hours or so of my 48 hour auction I made next to nothing.

After spending some time I learned I have about 6 to 8 people on my server that I’m fairly certain use QA2. I’ve monitored their habits and notice they get on and on regular intervals undercut each other, and when the prices get low enough they quit posting that glyph and leave a hole in the glyph market.

Like any other sensible goblin, I reacted to my new found information. I installed and configured QA2 and started posting twice a day… right after the competition posted early in the day, and about 90 min before they posted later that night. Suddenly I noticed my profits dropped slightly during the first few hours… however I was now selling glyphs at a constant rate and I normalized my income at a higher average.

Obviously what Gevlon does on his server works for him, it also works for me on my server, but just not as well as QA. I guess the moral of today’s post is QA is better if you have a large number of scribes in your market, and Auctioneer is better with little competition.


  1. On Gevlon's blog, you said that you had an addon to automatically refresh your mailbox. Did you make it yourself, or is there one available for download on the web somewhere? Such an addon would be an immense help for my glyph industry. Thanks a lot.

  2. William,
    I started posting about it today, I'll have links for this on my next post.