Thursday, October 15, 2009

Step 1 Buy Vendor Mats, Step 2 ???, Step 3 Profit.

Copper rod costs 1s 24c from vendors without any discount. I sold one for 39g99s99c last night. Got to love idiots.

I think my next business move will be to roll a DK on my 2nd account and lvl him to 60. I need to have an account for JCing and Enchanting, and I’d like to be able to prospect/de during raid downtime

I’m worried that doing this is going to cost too much to quick, however price of saronite is still around 17g on my server and the herbs have jumped from 17 to 40 and show little sign of returning.

I did buy a 5th bank tab today as I needed more room for herbs and inks I’m trying to store up. I’m back up to 1 full bank tab of inks w00t! Guild bank is down to 19k.

I’ve decided there is nothing “special” you have to do to make money in warcraft, you just have to want to get money. Hopefully over time my blog will help someone else get rich.

Tip of the day: list several copper rods or coal or something on the AH for 100g. do this every day for a week or so. Then start listing the same items on your main for 40g, idiots think they are underpriced and buy ‘em.

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