Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lower Herb Prices and Free Help

I, unfortunately, spent most of my weekend away from warcraft. My guild raided ToGC Friday night and first thing Saturday I gathered up 12 or 13 friends to help me paint my new home that is still currently under construction.

Out of these 12 or 13 friends, only 1 of them was being paid (she paints houses as a side job) everyone else was free labor. Everyone knew this said person was being paid, but no one complained, and everyone put in the same amount of hours… I thought to myself why? The answer, my friends know me well and like me and know that if they need help I’ll be there for them. But this brings up a great discussion about warcraft…

My guild mates and friends who craft things for me for free and spend time helping me on my side projects can’t know me to well as they have never met me. They know me as a lvl 80 dwarf warrior who has a red beard. They assume I will help them out when they need me (and I always try) but if I decide not to help them, it’s not like they are going to show up at my door or call me on the phone to make me feel bad about it. I’m not sure that I understand how trust is formed like this inside of a virtual game.

In other news I’ve been noticing herb prices falling back from their 44g/stack peak and they are back to about 25g/stack. I’ve spent the last 5 or 6 days re-stocking my ink and herb supplies and selling out of the glyphs I currently have made. My goal is to fill up all 6 tabs of my guild bank without touching my current gold reserve of 22k. We’ll see how this goes.

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