Friday, October 23, 2009

The 20k Wall

Sorry for going so long w/o having a post. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been feeling ill (thanks to my coworkers who come to work sick).

Anywho I’m feeling well now. I’ve been trying a few things in the market that I will discuss later. I’m 100% sure my competitors have been reading my blog so I’m not going to disclose anything until I feel safe to do so.

I’m at the 20k wall. I was at 22k for a while, went down to 19, back up to 21, down to 15, back now to 17.5…. why?

After looking at what I’ve been doing, I’ve been investing into both the herb market as well as two other projects I’m getting started. It was the same thing when I hit the 10k wall. What will most likely happen is I will fill up bag space for my investments, and turn around and start using them and shoot up to 30 or 35k… I donno we’ll see if this is true or not.

In other news, Gevlon if your reading this bring your blog back to wow topics. I used to enjoy reading your blog daily… anymore its not interesting.

Tip for the day: Post your auctions before 7:30. A study of internet traffic was posted today and wow traffic peaks a few moments before 8pm EST and dips off quickly about 11pm EST.

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