Friday, October 9, 2009

I hate MMO-Champion!!!

So we all know of the now infamous post by MMO Champion that turned every market on every server upside down. Let me describe how this has screwed up my server…

First Icethorn and Adders Tongue prices shot up from 16-18g a stack, to about 35-42g a stack! I was hoping this would be enough to stop the extra competition from moving into the market, but I guess I was wrong.

My farmer was banned some time ago, so I’ve been just buying herbs from the AH to make my inks. The day that MMO made the post, I had 2 guild bank tabs FULL with stacks of ink of the sea (or about 3920 inks). I thought I had enough to last about 2 weeks.

But this is where odd things started happening… glyphs actually rose in price… but this was short lived they came crashing down within the first 48 hours. I’ve watched as my average sale went from 12g to 9.8g…

This is the killer… glyph prices fell about 20%, as the cost of the materials went up about 110%.

I currently have enough ink to last me till Tuesday… MAYBE Wednesday…. I may have to do something very un-goblin like and bow out for a week or two till the dust settles from MMO and their stupid post.


  1. Hey man, do you play on bleeding hollow? I think I was going to farm herb for you at one point until I got job. Nice to see the glyph market is paying off. It would be funny if you are the same guy because right when I saw you trying to mass buy herbs I thought you probably read gevlon's blog.

    I personally don't have a lot of time but I've managed to accumulate 15k gold from Herb/Alc. I've been spending the few hours I have to farm herbs, turn them into flasks. I post them right around prime time, undercut by 5g and they sell up quick. Getting 1-2k per day from a flasks, herbs, and one epic gem transmute per day.

  2. What is this mmo champion post? I've heard about it, and have searched for it, but can't find anything on it. Thanks!