Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Gold Farmer

So the other day when I was spamming /2 looking for someone to sell herbs directly to me and lo and behold a gold farmer sent a pst that went something like this…

Him: “do you have your epic flying?”
Me: “yes”
Him: “do you want to buy gold? 10000g for $99”
Me: “no, but do you sell icethorn? I’ll buy all you have for 22g a stack?”
Him: “yes we sell that, come meet me in the dwarf start zone”

Meet him in the dwarf start zone should have been my first clue. The next 45 min. was wasted with me going out to Dun Mourogh (spelling?) and trying to talk to this guy who honestly didn’t understand me, but was replying all in macros. /sigh I should have went with my instinct.

I’m still sitting at 22,000g in the guild bank, and I’m just trying to sell off all my glyphs as I slowly stockpile herbs. The price is back up to 42g a stack, but I manage to get some every now and again for less.

I’m thinking about getting into jewel crafting, but I’m not sure yet. I kind of want to hit the 25k mark before I branch off and spend money to power level something.

Question of the day (if anyone cares to comment) What market should I try to branch into next, and why?

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