Monday, November 2, 2009

Gold Ca… I mean, Herb Cap?

The last few days during my push to hit 30,000g, prices suddenly dropped on herbs on the AH AND my farmer suddenly sent me TONS of herbs…. Needless to say it was a perfect storm and when all was said and done I only had 19k gold left and found myself with a full guild bank with nothing but herbs.

I had somewhere around 500 – 700 stacks of herbs… now how the freak am I going to mill all these without dying of boredom?

I fired up KeyClone and macroed my mill macro onto every key on the keyboard. I then loaded up my other wow account and worked on leveling my death knight. He is my new project I’ve been working on for JC and Enchanting.

When all was said and done, I now have 3 bank tabs of inks… not too shabby.

Stay tuned, now that I don’t need to buy much I should break through the 20k wall this week.


  1. idea for a follow-up post for you.

    What is it??
    Setup Guide??
    Is it legal in terms of Blizzard's ToS??

  2. Interesting, I wonder how 'grey' this is. While you are automating nothing (as each mill is via a 'hard click') and you are at the keyboard while doing so, it seems likely that this *might not* be against the ToS.

    Obviously this is just my opinion, it could well be... seems clever though! :)

  3. It's actually not a gray area at all... the TOS allow it. I'll explain more in my next post today or tomorrow.

  4. It's totally legit, that's exactly the program that dual-boxers use. That's freaking brilliant. You're literally facerolling your milling.