Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FAIL BLOG of DOOM and Death!

Sorry guys I’ve failed at keeping my blog updated the last week or so. I betcha all wished you had some way to reach through the interwebz and strangle me and say "CMILL WRITE ANOTHER FREAKING BLOG!!!" But anyways, on with today's blog...

During the last 5 days, I’ve kept the guild bank at a solid 21k gold… however I’ve bought enough herbs to mill and make inks that ended up filling 1 ½ bank tabs.

Also thanks to this blog, one of my viewers is now one of my farmers… which helps SOOOOOOOOOOO much. The less I have to camp the AH for herbs the more playtime I get, and the more enjoyable this is for me.

I’ve found that if I treat getting to the gold cap as a chore and just do it to get it over with I feel burnt out at it, so I’ve taken a little more relaxed approach and work on things only as I have spare time or want to mess with it..

Sorry for the short blog, that’s all I have for today. Feel free to leave comments or questions below, as well as any topics you may want me to discuss in a future blog.


  1. I wish someone would read my blog and realize he wanted to be my farmer -.-

  2. Congratulations on finding a farmer! And don't worry about not taking your blog too often, it is better to have higher quality content that had too much content just for the sake of it.