Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Printing Gold – Part 1

After several requests from my last post, I am going to make a two part series on add-ons and Keyclone that I use to “print my own gold”. This will not be a step by step in how I set things up, however it will break down what I use and its purpose.

Firstly I use Auctioneer. Auctioneer is very, very mediocre in its functionality. For every function that auctioneer has, there is another addon that will do it faster and better, with one acceptation – Snatch. That is the ONLY reason I use Auctioneer. I do a quick scan (if you don’t know what the quick scan function is you need to learn it, it’s a very powerful tool) and hit snatch, and buy up everything I want that is under my predetermined threshold.

Next, the most powerful tool I have, KTQ. I want to give props to Kevmar of “My Auction House Banker” (I'm linked to his blog in the side window) as he wrote this and literally saved hours and hours of work for me. KTQ works with two other add-ons, Skillet and Altoholic, to determine what glyphs you need to create and it queues them up inside of Skillet. You can then go to vendors and click the buy reagents button and you will purchase every item you need to produce all your glyphs.

Finally for today, I use Postal and MailOpener to check my hundreds of mails every day.

Printing Gold – Part 2 will be posted most likely on Thursday and will cover Keyclone, QA2 and what I consider the most important add-on I have (this is going to stay a surprise till then)


  1. What is MailOpener and where do I get it? Didn't see it on curse and couldn't find it on google.

    Love the blog. Thanks.

  2. ::Waiting anxiously for your next post::