Thursday, November 5, 2009

Printing Gold – Part 2

Today’s post is brought to you by people who eat greasy food when they are typing blogs….

In the last post, I went over Auctioneer, KTQ, Altoholic, Skillet, Postal and MailOpener. Today I’ll cover Keyclone, QA2 and a secret add-on.

Firstly, the most anticipated Keyclone. I want to start off by saying Keyclone IS NOT an add-on. It’s a 3rd party, pay for, application that was designed to send key presses to more than one program at a time. It has many other features besides the key press function however I don’t use these. I use Keyclone for two things mainly:

1) Multiboxing – I have two accounts and when I level my toons together I needed something so I could hit keys on both toons at the same time
2) Milling – On my herbalist account, I set up every key to a milling macro. I then will play on my other account and hit my macro over and over and over – thus milling all of my herbs without cutting into my play time!

Keyclone is not against the TOS for Warcraft as there is no automation involved – you press a key and the program receives the key press – that simple. If you search on you should be able to find where a blue said it was okay.

Next, QA2. This is what I use to post all of my auctions. It’s been debated which is better, QA or Auctioneer for posting, I personally like QA more because it is more user friendly to set up and configure, and it posts much faster. Finally it has a cancel function that cancels only auctions that have been undercut. This is very useful for people who like to post more than once a day.

Finally the surprise add-on! I consider organization my biggest time saver, especially when I have so many add-ons controlling my markets. I use BankStack to automagicly organize all of my bags. You may think “well that’s dumb I don’t need that, what difference could it make?” well let me tell you… When I pull 1000 glyphs out of the mail I have more than my 11 glyph bags with 32 slots can handle. Rather than posting some of the glyphs up, then pulling the rest of my glyphs from my mailbox, I click “auto stack” and boom… all of the glyphs get stacked up and only take up about 10 glyph bags. Saves me time, saves me headaches. VERY, VERY worth it IMO.

Question of the day: What do you find to be your most important or most used add-on and why? Doesn’t have to be gold-making related.

List of add-on downloads not found on
Keyclone –
MailOpener - (thanks Zerotorescue)

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Great follow-up post and thanks for more information on KeyClone.

    As for my irreplaceable addons:

    LilSparky's Workshop