Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Post 4.0.1 patch - day 1

Well, servers came up about 8pm EST. Started with 80,000g, ended with 139,162g 88s 98c for a total net profit of 59,162g 88s 98c

not bad for 5 hours of play...


  1. Awesome, maybe I should have stayed up a bit later.

  2. My profits were very similar, for a similar period of time. I am kinda glad I didn't manage to make more than one stack of each glyph now. I sold less than a third of my total, and have several stacks that are still full.

  3. @Full stacks: Keep in mind that glyphs will be expensive to make in Cataclysm, when IoTS is no longer used as currency. The new herb stacks will start off incredibly expensive, preserving high ink costs.