Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post 4.0.1 - End of Week 1

Well, it's the end of week one, and the guild bank now sits at 315,000g (i removed a little over 200g to make it a nice round number again) - not bad, 80k to 315k in one week, that's 235k profit.

I will update on the story sometime in the next week, it should be a fun post.

Looking back, I feel I did a few things wrong.
1) I over prepared - however I would much rather over prepare than under prepare.

2) My original fall back price of 159g was not high enough, I think i could have gotten away with 259g at least on the first night.

3) by day 3 I should have lowered my threshold more. It was set at 50g for way to long.

I still have LOTS of glyphs left, i think when the ink seller changes to cata inks i should be able to sell the rest off.

Anyone else have a chance to take a look at what they did wrong in the last week?

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