Wednesday, May 12, 2010

M&S and My Readers

Today I commented on Gevlon's blog (links in the side bar). Even though I don’t have the time to write a blog every day like him and some other people in the community, I still very much so enjoy reading several blogs and writing my own or commenting when I can.

Gevlon was discussing the reason there are so many idiots (read this as the dumbest of the M&S) in the game, basically because your average Joe who isn’t amazing at the game, but knows how to gear and not stand in fire, helps the M&S out because he believes he owes it to the M&S.

For the longest time I would not have agreed at all with this. But an incident a week ago changed my mind.

I’ve recently leveled up a rogue from 1-80. The very instant I hit 80, I queue up for the heroic daily. Mind you my gear is about 80% greens and the rest blues all from quests.

The run starts… our warrior tank only has 22k health – not a big deal, I had less when I started tanking heroics back when WOTLK first came out… I’ll give him a chance and try to help him because I’ve been a warrior tank for about 5 years now.

First trash pull in the Nexus… I tricks the tank and go to town pulling a whopping 1.8k maybe 1.9k dps. Before the mob dies… I pull threat from the tank. WTF?!? I vanish and he gains agro again… not a big deal.

This starts happening on most every pull. It doesn’t matter he starts out with tricks and gets all my threat. I pst him and ask him about his rotation, is he using shield slam? I see that he’s using thunderclap but I can’t tell what else he’s doing. He never responds.

First boss… wipe… w00t just what I wanted. I take a look at his gear, he’s got a decent amount of epics, I’d say 80% or so and a few blues. But as I look closer to his gear… I notice TONS of spirit! And better yet, no defense… apparently he thinks out of combat health regen is important. He also had no gems or enchants of any kind.

I asked him about his gear choices in party chat so the others would know. I asked why he had the wrong type of gear on, no gems and no enchants. His reply? “dude we cant all be as lucky as you with gear lol I have a life”

I think to myself… I’ve been 80 for what?? 10-15 minutes now? I have 4 days 17 hours played total on this toon?

As I’m reasoning this out to myself, I’m voted out of the group. Apparently the M&S needs the rest of the groups help than me.

On a side note, I’m amazed that despite my lack of effort in blogging on a regular basis, my reader base has grown about 20%. You guys are awesome. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and keep coming back.

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  1. So he had around 80% epics and a few blues, and he says we can't all be as lucky as you, a brand new level 80 rogue in his first heroic? lawl.