Friday, January 22, 2010

Are 48hr Auctions Worth It?

Now that I've passed the 100k mark, I'm having problems motivating myself to keep going. Though my end goal is the gold cap, and I'm over halfway there, my lazy side is flaring up.

I'm considering pulling a Gevlon and posting every 48 hours and changing my undercut from 25s to 50s. I'm not to sure with everyone in my market using QA if the undercuts make that big of a difference to be honest, I'm not sure.

How many of you do 48 hour posts with QA? Have you had any luck? Are there any settings you have that you can't live without?

I've started teaching my boss at work how to make gold via inscription. If you have any starter scribe suggestions, feel free to leave them, I think he reads my blog.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. 50s is not worth it ,i dropped all glyphs down to 1g50s to see the reaction of the campers, they still undercut

  2. I currently ever only use it for items i'm not sure will sell such as fish, low level recipe drops, etc and for items that i'm more than willing to vendor anyway. I throw them up there for the 48 hours to give the listings more time to marinate and to save on the hassle of maybe relisting them

  3. I have yet to go to a 48 hour listing as I more prefer the 24 hour listing. Same as you though now that I hit 100k I have gotten very lazy in posting anything more then a couple times a week. Mainly this is due to my new project of making money on another server and spending all my time doing heroic dailys for frost badges on multiple characters and raiding.

    Honestly though if you go to 48 hour listings you have to bump up the number of glyphs you post at 1 time.

  4. Do your research every day. Glyphs made from vendor taught recipees generally sell for below cost.

    Don't mill levelling herbs. Depending on the market, buy ink of the sea and convert/get a friend to convert the ink in Dalaran.

  5. I'm only dealing with enchanting scrolls at the moment. I also like to do other things in game, so i post everything for 48 hours. On some profitable scrolls, the competition is fierce. But in the end it works for me very well. This is how : let's take Enchant Weapon - Agility. It costs ~70g to make (AH Market Value of the materials). With my mats I can craft for ~50g cost. I post my scrolls undercuting by 1-2g. I know i will be undercut within the hour BUT in 2-3 days the average listing price goes down from say 140g/scroll to 100g/scroll. Now it seems that my competition have a cost around this value, cause for some reason they stop undercuting, or not posting anymore. While I still make profit. Even if I keep get undercut, by letting the scrolls there for 48 hours, at say 90g/scroll, I force them to sell below that level, and I'm sure they hate it. Sometimes they hate it enough to let that market go for a while.